Plastic Fish


Sushi takeaway businesses across the world are giving away billions of small fish-shaped soy sauce bottles with takeaway sushi.  Initially, customers love these cute fish but once they realise that they only contain 3ml of sauce. As these fish are fish are made from plastic they will stay in the environment forever mostly ending up in our oceans.

What can I do?

1. #SayNoToSoyFish - politely refuse the soyfish

2. Ask the staff to stop giving away these fish

3. Share on social media so more people realise the issue.

4. write a letter to the owner of the business

5. write to your local politician asking for soyfish to be banned



Sample letter


Dear Sushi shop owner.


Soy fish


You may not be aware but plastic is damaging our natural environment and killing marine animals.  

Please help by minimising plastic and stop giving away / selling plastic soy fish. In Australia alone, 728,000 of these soy fish are given away.


Instead of using single-serve plastic soyfish please offer soy sauce to your customers from a large glass bottle.


Thank you very much for supporting our future and helping to save our natural environment.



Kind regards