C2Source - Curly Community Cleanup Crew

C2Source (Sea to source) is an environmental action organisation that looks at the health of the whole of the catchment from the Source to the sea for river systems.


Curly Community Cleanup Crew (CCCC) is made up of people (like you) that are concerned with the health of the Brookvale, Curl Curl environment.  


CCCC comes together a few times a year to remove single-use plastic and other waste from the system starting from the Source of the Greendale Creek, through Curl Curl Lagoon to Curl Curl Beach.

Greendale Creek 

Greendale Creek rises in the hill behind the 'Brickworks' in Brookvale as shown below, goes underground before it gets to St Augustine's school, continuing under Brookvale Oval. Passing under Pittwater and Windbourne roads briefly reemerging briefly by Curl Curl/Brookvale Scout Hall. Going under Windbourne Estate the creek reappears just before Harbord Road it then runs through John Fisher Park and flows into Curl Curl Lagoon.

Greendale creek.png

From Warringah Council Creek Management Study Page 95

The Source
Rubbish in Windbourne Estate
Straws pulled out of the Creek
Northern Beaches Cleanup Crew
View of Curl Curl Beach
Cleanups bring good luck
Vintage Rubbish
Found in Flora Reserve, Curl Curl
Filtering floating rubbish
Pedestrian Bridge
Bridge in John Fisher Park
Rubbish on Netball Courts
Large amounts of waste are left by Netball players and supporters each week, this can be washed into the creek
The Creek is running under
Water Dragon
One of the many creatures that depend on the Creek
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