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Harbord Scouts joins the Curly Community Clean Up Crew for Clean up Australia

The CCCC had its inaugural clean up of Greendale Creek and John Fisher Park in Curl Curl, NSW, AUSTRALIA. Join us on 2nd March from 8AM.

After an evening of thunder storms John Fisher park was very wet and the creek ran a the top of its banks. Saturday morning was warm and sunny so perfect for a clean up. Park Run people and dog walkers were dotted around the park before the dedicated clean up crew arrived.

Meeting at Harbord Scout Hall we hand out yellow teeshirts for everyone to wear along with yellow banners in a cross between Trash Heroes and Australia in an Olympic games.

Once most people arrived we started to pick up all the small bits of rubbish across Weldon Oval and then the banks of Greendale Creek by the metal bridge. Bits of Plastic we high in the bushes which showed the level the creek was at the night before. All this plastic had made its way through the councils waste trap.

We found quite a few metal signs in the creek before getting to Harbord Road where there were 4 shopping trollies waiting to be pushed into the lagoon. Woolworths, Dan Murphy's and two Target Trollies.

Inspecting the waste trap, a grill across the path of the creek about half a meter high. This is mostly full of leaves however a Coles red and white bag stands out.

Walking the banks of the Creek we make our way back to the Scout hall with our haul of rubbish. On arrival the waste is laid out and all the recyclable material is separated out. Lots of plastic bags, plastic water bottles, cigarette butts, plastic bread trays and of course all those signs.

After cleaning up we all went our seperate ways feeling happier as we had done our bit that day. All agreeing to meet in a month for another clean up. See you on the 2nd March 2019!!

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